Cellply to present new method for evaluating immunotherapy efficacy at the 61th ASH Annual Meeting

Bologna (Italy), 25 November 2019.

Cellply announced today that the company will present an abstract with new results about its novel Inter-Cell Networking Profiling (ICNP) technology at the 61th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the American Society of Hematology (ASH), on December 7-10 in Orlando, FL, USA.

“There is an unmet need in oncology to expand current precision medicine approaches to cancer immunotherapy” says Massimo Bocchi, CEO at Cellply. “The work we will present at the next ASH congress represents an important step forward in the combined evaluation of drug action and immune system activity. Our work, leveraging on our unique ability to generate thousands of microtumors in a single automated test and select the cell networks better mimicking the in-vivo cell behavior, provides an unprecedented method to screen antibody therapies with immune-mediated mechanisms of action. Starting from these results we are currently working with biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes to generate novel and effective immuno-oncology therapeutics”.

The abstract is the results of a scientific collaboration with hematologists and scientists from Prof. Cavo’s team working on Multiple Myeloma at Seragnoli Institute of Sant’Orsola Polyclinic in Bologna (Italy). The work is supported by the ONCOSMART project, funded by the European Commission under the SME Instrument (Phase 2) programme.

Title: Inter-Cell Networking Profiling Enables Comprehensive Characterization of Immune-Mediated Activity of Anti-CD38 Therapy through Ex-Vivo Analysis of Multiple Myeloma Patients
Authors: Alice Bettelli, Rita Ruggiano, Silvia Bocchi, Laura Rocchi, Andrea Faenza, Enrica Borsi, Carolina Terragna, Elena Zamagni, Marina Martello, Marco Bettelli, Laura Rambelli, Viviana Guadagnuolo, Nicola Pecorari, Luca Giulianelli, Matteo Pisani, Dario Biscarini, Michele Cavo, Roberto Guerrieri and Massimo Bocchi
Abstract ID: 3372
Date/Time: Sunday, December 8, 2019, 6:00 PM-8:00 PM
Location: Hall B, Level 2 (Orange County Convention Center)
Session: 803. Emerging Diagnostic Tools and Techniques: Poster II

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