Cellply In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) test platform for personalized analysis of drug response leverages on the Open Microwell technology, a patented microfluidic platform enabling standardized and automated sample processing and image-based cell analysis. All steps, from sample preparation to drug stimulation and image-based response analysis can be performed in clinical labs within hospitals and clinics, thus reducing sample-to-analysis turnaround time. This is key to assay cell response in a time window of 24/48-hour after sampling, to minimize biases due to changes in cell function.



The Open Microwell architecture allows replacing complex, manual and error-prone lab operations with automated protocols carried out at the nanoliter scale. No cell loss occurs during fluid replacement in each microwell, allowing for precise analysis and quantification of drug efficacy. Thanks to an innovative microwell design, cells are seeded microwells acting as micro-labs where processing and analysis take place. Drugs and reagents are delivered through microfluidic channels without loosing a cell in the sample.


Multiple therapeutic conditions are assessed in parallel on more than 1,000 microwells per condition to assess the response of thousands of cells to each drug or drug combination. By comparing different treatments at different dosages, patient-drug affinity scores are computed and personalized response profiles are generated.


Flourescence imaging supports time-lapse and high-content analysis with single cell resolution to capture the heterogeneity of the tumor. Immunophenotypic characterization is performed to identify the tumor subpopulation in the specimen under analysis. Functional information are then extracted by analyzing cell death, apoptosis or signaling induced on target tumor cells by candidate treatments.


Standardization and automation

Device-based testing provides fully-automated and standardized analyses across different laboratories.

Small sample size

A few thousands cells or a few microliters of sample are enough to test a specific therapeutic condition. Clinical samples in the mL range are enough for testing multiple drugs in parallel.


Platform-based approach enables fast and high scalability when required by companion diagnostics applications.

Precise analysis

Image-based analysis with single-cell resolution enables precise identification of tumor cells in the sample, capturing the heterogeneity of the tumor.

Prompt analysis

Device-based test allows drug response analysis to be brought in the clinical setting without needing complex laboratory infrastructure. Patient specimen is thus tested right after sampling, without loosing precious time possibly affecting tumor microenvironment, and cell function. No more need to turn to laboratory-developed tests (LDTs). No more need to have drugs tested remotely in specialized labs.

Precise sample processing

"Tissue is the issue". Cellply platform advances sample preparation by integrating cell processing steps in the IVD platform, including cell staining for immunophenotipic analysis and cell function assessment. Not even one cell is lost in the process.