CellPly’s Missing Layer Analysis allows unique biology-based diagnostics, which predict drug-patient response and enables 24H diagnosis, through a fully automated standardized test.

  • 1

    Dec. 2013

    Cellply is founded in Bologna, Italy

  • 2

    Feb. 2014

    Italian Angels for Growth, IMI Fondi Chiusi and Zernike-Meta Ventures invest €2.1m in a first investment round

  • 3

    Feb. 2016

    First platform prototype completed and installed in clinic

  • 4

    May 2016

    Cellply initiates a scientific and clinical collaboration with the Hematology Dept., Sant'Orsola Hospital, Bologna

  • 5

    Dec. 2016

    First clinical results on AML patients presented at ASH congress, San Diego, CA