Cellply is a deep tech company with the ambition to develop analytical tools enabling fast end effective development of life-saving cancer cell therapies. Our solutions support biopharma companies and research institutes from discovery to R&D and quality control of advanced therapies. Our team features a unique combination of expertise in a diverse set of technology going from microfluidics to robotics, AI, biology and immunology.


Founding team


Massimo Bocchi, PhD
Brought the company from idea to product developed, created the team, raised more than €10m between equity and grants, technology inventor, author of 7 patents, engineering and business background.


Roberto Guerrieri, PhD
Developed core technology, initial team and funding, serial entrepreneur (Silicon Biosystems acquired by Menarini), inventor of fingerprint sensor developed by Upek and acquired by Apple.

Operational team

Massimo Bocchi

CEO and Co-founder

Andrea Faenza


Laura Rocchi

Head of Biology

Dario Biscarini

Project Manager

Chantal Pozzobon

Office Manager

Francesca Dattolo

Quality Manager

Laura Rambelli

Laboratory and Warehouse Specialist

Rita Ruggiano

Project Leader Analytical SW

Luca Giulianelli

Head of Control SW

Nicola Pecorari

Senior Hardware Engineer

Alice Bettelli

Project Leader Analytical Methods

Silvia Bocchi

Project Leader Assay development

Laura Gruppioni

Junior Software Developer

Nicola Ferroni

Software Developer

Mark Atlas

Marketing and US Sales




Development of an In-Vitro Diagnostic platform for functional precision medicine to predict the outcome of hematological cancer patients

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Sviluppo di un test prognostico sulla base del profilo immunitario dei pazienti con Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19) ospedalizzati