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Accelerate the development of cancer immunotherapies, at every stage


VivaCyte enables a diverse set of applications throughout the cell therapy development cycle 


  • Comprehensive immune cell characterization

  • Deep analysis of mechanism of action

  • High-throughput screening of CRISPR-edited cells or TCR-T cells


  • Immuno-monitoring of in vivo studies

  • Advanced functional
    screening of exhaustion
    and persistence


  • Immuno-monitoring based on potency of persistent cells

  • Correlation of clinical outcome with potency assessment

  • Development of biomarkers of enhanced anti-tumor activity

Process Dev

  • High throughput process development and optimization

  • Rapid and in-depth batch characterization

  • Donor validation


  • Walk-away potency assays based on cytotoxicity

  • Walk-away potency assays based on cytokine release

  • Multiplex analysis of potency and phenotype

Bulk Cytotoxicity Workflows

Automate cell-mediated cytotoxicity assays with a minimum amount of sample

Easily create dose-response curves analyzing multiple Effector : Target ratios identified by the AI-powered software within each channel

Generate an entire dose-response curve per microfluidic channel, up to 16 dose-response curves per CC-Array plate, using only a few thousand effector cells per channel. Bulk cytotoxicity workflows available for suspension target cells.

Multiparametric Workflows

Unravel the heterogeneity of your cell therapy samples

Define potency of each cell subset in your cell therapy batches

Single-cell multiparametric analysis of cytotoxicity and phenotype enables unprecedented depth of analysis:

  • Rapidly define frequency of killer and serial killer cells
  • Measure potency of cell subsets, e.g. CD4 and CD8, in a single assay using just one microfluidic channel per sample
  • Generate a unified potency score, highly reproducible across runs

Combined with parallel screening of multiple conditions in a single run, multiparametric analysis enables comprehensive testing of cell therapy candidates from numerous process options, against multiple target cells, to rapidly identify the most suitable candidates.

Serial Killing Assay

Find your supercharged cells

Quantify frequency of serial killer cells in just 5% of the time taken for conventional bulk assays​

A single immune cell can be evaluated for immunophenotype and ability to kill two or more target cells within a time lapsed study. Leveraging this protocol, the CC-Array technology allows quantification of serial killing at a single-cell resolution in just 24 hours instead of weeks needed by conventional bulk assays. The manual tedious work required in re-challenge assays is replaced with a fully automated process requiring just 20 minutes hand-on time.

Unified Potency Score

Comparability through a Unified Potency Score

Streamline your discovery or process development workflows by ensuring comparability among different product variants or process options

A Unified Potency Score (UPS) is calculated from single-cell cytotoxicity data providing a single indicator for the potency of your cells.

Frequency of both killer and serial killer cells contribute to the UPS, for a comprehensive evaluation of the potency of your product.

Once an incubation time and target cell line are defined, the UPS (time, target) is a standardized score allowing direct comparison of multiple products or product candidates, irrespective of the source of your cells, the batch or cell therapy type.

Application notes and Technical Notes


High throughput parallel screening of multiple Effector : Target (E:T) ratios for cell mediated cytotoxicity kinetic analysis using low sample volume

Learn how VivaCyte can generate multiple dose-response analyses in a single CC-Array plate, based on a cell-mediated cytotoxicity assay carried out at multiple E:T ratios

TECHNICAL NOTE | Document number: TN-005

A novel method for comparing the potency of CAR-NK cells to support informed donor selection

Introducing a novel Unified Potency Score (UPS) to quantify the potency of cell therapy products with a single indicator, generated by single-cell killing and serial killing data

TECHNICAL NOTE | Document number: TN-006

Characterization of NK cell donors for allogeneic cell therapy using single cell serial killing

Learn how a single-cell serial killing assay allows deep characterization of immune cell function and enables ranking of donors for allogeneic NK cell therapy

TECHNICAL NOTE | Document number: TN-007

How single-cell multiparametric analysis enables in-depth understanding of functional heterogeneity and killer kinetics in CAR-T cell therapies

Learn how multiparametric analysis allows to define the potency of subpopulations of cells in a single assay through a combined single-cell analysis of cytotoxicity and phenotype carried out on each immune cell

TECHNICAL NOTE | Document number: TN-008