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An International team

At Cellply we bring together people with a diverse set of professional backgrounds, sharing the vision of doing something that can change the world.
By joining Cellply you will work in an international team of engineers, scientists and business professionals who are passionate about helping customers in creating breakthrough treatments for human diseases.

Why Cellply

Cellply represents a unique opportunity to work on cutting edge technologies such as microfluidics, robotics, AI, immunology to support the development of cell therapies, the most advanced treatments available today for treating cancer and other diseases. Cellply works on a globals scale, our technology is currently being adopted by leading biopharma companies and research institutes worldwide.

They say about us



“I started in CellPly as an intern for my master’s degree thesis in Computer Science Engineering and I really felt welcomed from day one. The first impression I had was that people around me were enthusiastic and extremely qualified. Even when they had to face daily challenges, you could feel the scent of innovation. The purpose of the company is praiseworthy and ambitious and I’m grateful to be part of CellPly today.”

Laura G.


“After the achievement of the master’s degree in Biology, I began my career in CellPly through an internship, essential to strengthen my skills and acquire new ones. This opportunity turned out to be an incredible chance for me to participate in creating advanced biotech methods to help science and healthcare. From the very first day, I could notice the motivation, perseverance and enthusiasm which characterize people around me and their behavior to face daily challenges. I’m glad to be part of this company and of its ambitious and innovative aim.”

Alice M.

A meaningful purpose
At the basis of our daily work is our motivation to develop and use our technologies to make an impact on patients and society. Our ambition is to make life-saving cell therapies and immunotherapies sustainable and available to all patients who are in need.
Inclusive team culture
Our people are supported throughout their careers and encouraged to develop their maximum potential. For this reason, we are committed to hiring enthusiastic and ambitious individuals, willing to collaborate, who want to share our values and make their voices heard.
Fast-paced growth
We cooperate in an inclusive team growing at a fast pace. We operate in an exponentially growing industry within an international context. International team mates, international customers. A great opportunity from a personal and career development perspective.


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Job openings

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Spontaneous Application

You did not find an open position that suits your profile or is in line with your personal interests?

Send us your spontaneous application. We will check your CV and consider you for future positions.

Laboratory Technician – Part-time

Main responsibilities:

  • Maintaining the biological samples in the laboratories following the good laboratory practice
  • Prepare reagents and samples needed for the day-by day work
  • Ensure the organization of the laboratories
  • Support the maintenance of laboratory equipment and supplies

Location: Bologna

Please note that this is a part-time position (20 hours/week). 

Senior Scientist

Main responsibilities:

  • In house development of new assays and applications for cell therapy characterization meaning both designing and performing experimental work
  • Validate assay and applications developed
  • Optimize assay performance and its integration in R&D and Manufacturing workflow
  • Work with the R&D team in scientific paper writing

Location: Bologna

Curricular internship

During the time in our company, you will get an overview of the daily routine and are involved in several projects. You will learn and gain first-hands experiences, bringing your ideas to a fast-growing company.