Cellply is developing a first generation of diagnostic kits for hematologic tumors. Our test supports the analysis of various drugs with different mechanism of action, including chemotherapies and new agents under clinical development. Among hematologic tumors, a first clinical study is currently being conducted on Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) with the aim to measure the correlation between the predictive information extracted from the test and the clinical response. In case of AML, the test is performed on bone marrow specimens.



Successful development of new cancer therapies comes from knowledge-driven decision-making to minimize risks and increase success rates.
Ex-vivo analysis of drug response can bridge the gap form preclinical to clinical development providing a first insight of drug efficacy in humans.
Furthermore, the biological characterization provided by our test can complement existing genetic biomarkers to improve the understanding of the clinical response and support the identification of optimal patient sets according to functional biomarkers within clinical trials.



Cellply platform, currently being developed to become the first IVD tool for ex-vivo drug response analysis, qualifies as the ideal solution for generating Companion Diagnostic (CDx) products. Device-based analysis brings CDx to the clinic, enabling accelerated sample-to-result, simplifying sample management. Once a regulatory clearance as an IVD will be obtained, use of our platform for CDx will reduce risks coming from post-market surveillance, possibly generated in the case of laboratory-developed tests whose regulatory oversight during the approval phase is limited.


We are interested in opening collaborations for co-development projects, to support the development of new anticancer drugs within specific programs
as well as to collaborate with clinicians to explore how our approach can traslate into an improved standard of care.